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26 October 2009 @ 11:49 pm
Black Dynamite = funniest movie of the year  

Saw it Saturday night (after seeing wtwta again  ). The Hangover was great and all, but Black Dynamite had way many more laughs per minute. It's funny too because I only knew Michael Jai White as Gamble from The Dark Knight ("Enough from the clown!"), so it was a huge surprise to find out how hilarious he could be. Not only does he carry the movie as its title character, but he also came up with the concept for it and co-wrote the screenplay. It also features Cedric Yarbrough (The Boondocks, Reno 911) who stands out in one of my favorite moments from the movie. But I have many favorite moments. Lots of quotable lines.

Side-note: according to this interview, MJW had originally wanted to call the movie Superbad, after he came up with the idea for the movie while listening to the James Brown song.