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30 November 2009 @ 09:40 pm
The Mighty Boosh  

Among the things that I have been discovering then quickly catching up on this year is The Mighty Boosh. The series is currently airing in reruns on Sunday nights at 1:00am on Adult Swim, which is where I first began watching it. I think it was the episode titled "The Nightmare of Milky Joe" that really hooked me. I watched the show every Sunday for the weeks following and I ended up purchasing the entire 3 season set when it was released on DVD back in October. The show is insanely original and hilarious. It's full of crazy characters as well as a ridiculous song each episode. I posted one of my favorites above from the episode "Tundra".

In Three-Toes news, X recorded a bunch of lines today for various characters for the Christmas short "Mistle-Toes!" that I hope to finish and release before the 25th this year. Lots of funny stuff that I am really excited about. I am currently cutting the recordings up and setting the lines to animation.